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A popular drink dating back to the 1830s, Earl Grey tea has bold, citrus and floral notes that find the perfect balance between sensual calm and an energetic boost to take on the day. Our Earl Grey cake is light textured with a delicate but distinct flavor. Enjoy the delicious complexity it brings when sipped with your morning coffee or a glass of sparkling wine.


Simple, organic ingredients and an emphasis on rediscovering forgotten flavors.


Harvested by hand from a purple flower called "crocus sativus," saffron is known for its slightly sweet, luxurious taste that is instantly recognizable but difficult to describe. The subtle earthy aroma is balanced by a gentle sweetness similar to floral and honey. 

Hand-harvested from sea water, fleur de sel is known as the purest of the sea salts. Low in sodium and rich with minerals such as potassium and magnesium, fleur de sel has a full, complex flavor and tastes like the ocean. Paired with the richness of cacao, our new flourless chocolate cake finds just the right balance of not too sweet and not too heavy.

A classic, thoughtful gesture consistent

throughout cultures and generations.

The Gift of Food



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