Our signature Classic Trio is a combination of our most treasured flavors and cake styles. The delicate texture of the Cardamom genoise cake, the richness of the flourless chocolate paired with Fleur de Sel, and the creamy earthiness of the Black Sesame cake, create the perfect balance.


Cardamom is citrusy, minty, spicy and herbal. It's fragrance is intensely aromatic with a eucalytus and rosemary effect.


Fleur de Sel is hand-harvested from sea water and known as the purest of the sea salts. Low in sodium and rich with minerals such as potassium and magnesium, fleur de sel has a full, complex flavor and tastes like the ocean.


Black sesame seeds have a uniquely rich nutty flavor and beautiful glossy black color. The flavor has a slight earthiness with subtle bitter undertones, which help to balance the sweetness.