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This Dirt Road

by Mia Moretti

Introducing the Lemon Verbena Cake, developed in collaboration with poet Mia Moretti. Inspired by a verse from her poem, This Dirt Road, first published in her poetry book, Low Touch Economy, Volume 3, this project explores how our relationship to memory can be driven by a familiar scent. The cake is made with vibrant dried lemon verbena leaves and 100% Italian olive oil, followed by a delicate garnish of candied lemon verbena leaves and pearls.

"It is the scent of lemon verbena
In my hand
That taught me
Memory didn't always have words"

- Mia Moretti


Vibrant, fresh and summery, the Lemon Verbena cake reminds us of days unfinished, walks unwalked and childhood dreams left to re-dream. 

Each cake comes with a limited edition print of This Dirt Road by Mia Moretti, first published in Low Touch Economy, Volume 3. Hand pressed by Aardvark Letterpress in Los Angeles, CA exclusively for Pâtisserie of the Pacific.

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