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Our Saffron Cake is made with select grade Spanish Saffron. Harvested by hand from a purple flower called "crocus sativus," saffron is known for its slightly sweet, luxurious taste that is instantly recognizable but difficult to describe.The subtle earthy aroma is balanced by a gentle sweetness similar to floral and honey. With its unmistakable scent and flavor and its intense yellow hue, this simple yet sumptuous cake stands out as a thoughtful gift or unique centerpiece for any occasion.


Saffron is one of the most precious spices in the world. Each flower produces only three threads (stigmas) of saffron, and it blooms for only one week each year. Much time and care goes into picking each flower and carefully separating the saffron threads - all by hand.


Serves 6-10 people.

  • Ingredients

    Organic sugar, organic flour, organic butter, organic eggs, organic milk, select grade Spanish saffron, baking powder, salt.